Cuvée Dom Pérignon P3 1971



Cuvée Dom Pérignon P3 is a special Cuvée of Dom Pérignon, introduced in 2014, that is disgorged after being fully aged on lees for 30-40 years and released only when the “Chef de Cave” (cellar master) deems it perfect for release. Oenothéque wines are marked by complex aging notes, fine elegance, and aromatic intensity. The P3 1971 is considered the best of the range.

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Dom Pérignon (/ˌdɒmpɛrɪnˈjɒn/; French pronunciation: ​[dɔ̃ peʁiɲɔ̃]) is a brand of vintage Champagne. It is named after Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk who was an important quality pioneer for Champagne wine but who, contrary to popular myths, did not discover the Champagne method for making sparkling wines.

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