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  • Berry’s Brothers Louis XIV

    This ancient bottle contains ‘wine such as was served with pride at the Royal Court of Louis XIV’, selected, bottled for and released by Berry Bros & Rudd. Which wine exactly is unknown, the remainder of it’s label would suggest it is a Bordeaux. The bottle is originally sealed, level bn. It does appear a turn-mold ̵...


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  • Madeira Sercial St. Anna 1844

    Sercial is the name of a white grape grown in Portugal, especially on the island of Madeira. It has given name to the dryest of the four classic varieties of Madeira fortified wine. Santa Anna aka Santana is a small village in the north of Madeira.

    This Madeira came from the cellars of Cornelius Vanderbilt where it was stored for a lon...


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  • Raúl Pérez Albariño Sketch 2016


    Sketch is a white wine from the very special Albariño variety. It is made by Raúl Pérez, currently the most important winemaker in the field of Spanish wine. Raúl Pérez is known to produce wonderful wines from the Mencia variety, several of them at the top of the lists of the best known critics.

    Sketch is made from Albariño grape varie...


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  • VOC Monbazillac 1985

    75cl / 13,5%

    This replica bottle is named after the vessel Amsterdam which sunk on the English coast in 1749. When this wreck was lifted 16 bottles of wine where found; this wine was Monbazillac, also from 1749. This 1985 Monbazillac was the first release of this series.


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