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  • de Luze Réserve de la Maison

    50cl / 40%

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    This is a very rare Cognac: De Luze Réserve de la  Maison, bottled for Adolfo Lorenzi. This is bottle #0579 from a total of 1110 bottles which where released somewhere in the 1970’s.  The Cognac itself came from a 19th Century tierçon, a rather large barrel containing up to 560 litres. So what do we have here: a pre-phylloxera Cognac Gr...


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  • Dudognon Henri IV Heritage

    100cl / 41%

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    Dudognon Henri IV Heritage is a Grande Champagne Cognac, aged in wood for a stunning hundred years and sold in a 100cl bottle which has been dipped in 24-carat-gold and sterling platinum. At it’s introduction in 2008 this was the most expensive Cognac on the market with a price tag of £1.000.000. Later versions, with 6500 brilliant cut ...


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  • Hennessy 1887 Vintage Brandy

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    This is a historical Hennessy, distilled in 1887 from what might very well have been the last grapes surviving the devastating phylloxera which destroyed almost all of the ancient grape plants in the second part of the 19th century. This Cognac was bottled in 1922 after a 35-year long period of maturation. Both cork and capsule are 100% origi...


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  • Philippe de Castaigne Très Belle


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    Philippe de Castaigne Très Belle is a Grande Champagne Cognac, distilled in 1850, and made entirely from Folle Blanche, the ancient grape which was dominant until 1878 when the Phylloxera devastated the European vineyards. This extremely rare Cognac matured in French Oak until the end of the 19th century and was then transferred to Dame-Jeann...


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