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  • Rittenhouse Straight Rye

    70cl / 50%


    Available in a special Bottled-in-Bond 100 proof expression, Rittenhouse is produced in the tradition of the classic rye whiskeys that were once the preeminent American whiskey style, kept alive through the lean years by Heaven Hill and two other distilleries.


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  • Sazerac 2016/18 years

    750ml / 90 proof

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    The spirit of what eventually would become the Sazerac 2016 release was laid down to rest in Spring 1998, the first Sazerac in years which does not come from a vatted tank. For the past several years, Buffalo Trace has relied on a large batch of 18-year-old Rye that’s been kept in stainless steel tanks, meaning only minor changes from year to...


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  • Templeton Small Batch Rye

    700ml / 40%

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    Templeton Rye was introduced in 2006 as an attempt to re-create a whiskey which was quite populair in the prohibition era. After a 2015 law suit the court forbid to use the words “distilled in Indiana” to the label and furthermore forced the distillery to remove claims of “Prohibition Era Recipe” and “small batch...


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  • Thomas H. Handy 2009/6 years

    75cl / 129 proof

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    This Straight rye whiskey was distilled in Spring 2002 and bottled Fall 2009, named ‘World’s Best American Whisky’ by Whisky Magazin. A total of 53 hand picked #4 charred new white American Oak barrels where bottled for this release.


    (ex. VAT € 578,47 )

  • Thomas H. Handy 2014

    75cl / 129,2proof

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    This Straight rye whiskey was laid down to rest Spring 2008 and bottled Fall 2014 for the annual BTAC release.


    (ex. VAT € 499,95 )

  • Thomas H. Handy 2016/6 years

    75cl / 126,2 proof

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    The Thomas H. Handy 2016 Rye bottling, distilled in 2010, was aged on the fourth, fifth and seventh floors of Warehouses I, K, and M. Those are upper stories, which means higher temperatures and more interaction between the spirit and the oak. Thomas H. Handy provides a lovely balance between spicy and sweet, earthy and herbaceous, with a rem...


    (ex. VAT € 413,18 )

  • Very Olde St. Nick Summer Rye

    75cl / 43%

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    Very Old St. Nick is a extremely rare Rye bottled by The Kulsveens, owners of Willett and close friends of The Van Winkle’s for years. Cask Lot KB15.


    (ex. VAT € 822,31 )

  • W.P. Squibb Rock Castle Mills Pure Rye


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    This flask is a 10cl replica of W.P. Squibb Rock Castle Mills Pure Rye, a brand trademarketed in 1906.


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  • Wild Turkey Rye 101 proof

    70cl / 50,5%

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    Wild Turkey starting making rye about 25 years or so ago and it was a boutique product compared to the Bourbon side of things. A few years back rye saw a big spike in popularity and as a result Wild Turkey 101 Rye fell into short supply. In 2012 Wild Turkey introduced a younger lower proof rye with its Wild Turkey 81 Rye. The problem was simp...


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  • Willett 8 years Single Barrel Rye

    750ml / 58,8%

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    Willett’s 8-year old Family Estate bottled Single Barrel Rye, hand bottled from barrel no. 1408.


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