Brora 1977/25 years Old & Rare Platinum Selection
This Brora is one of just 149 bottles, distilled in 1977 and released in 2003 by Douglas Laing for their Old & Rare Platinum range.

Content 700ml - volume 54.9%
€ 3,995.00 3995.0 EUR
Hennessy VSOP Gold Label
Hennessy VSOP Gold Label was between 1979 and 1984.

Content 100cl - volume 40%
€ 299.95 299.95 EUR
Hennessy VSOP Liqueur Cognac
Hennessy VSOP Liqueur Cognac, bottled around 1980 for the Japanese market.

Content 100cl - volume 40%
€ 299.95 299.95 EUR
Macallan 7 years
Macallan 7 years old, bottled by Maxxium for the Italian market.

Content 700ml - volume 40%
€ 799.95 799.95 EUR
Balblair 1970/35 years Bourbon Cask
Balblair 1970, aged in Bourbon for 35 years, released in 2005.

Content 70cl - volume 44.2%
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR
Port Ellen 1978/32 years 2nd rel.
Port Ellen 1978, 32 years old. This is the 2nd Diageo annual release of this series, one of 12000 bottles, bottled in 2002.

Note: bottle and box are bin-soiled.

Content 70cl - volume 59.35%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Rare Perfection 25 years
Rare Perfection 25 years old Bourbon, distilled at Willett and bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, is the oldest expression of this range.

The Rare Perfection range is exclusive to the Japanese market, a brand owned by the US Palatella family.

Content 750ml - 43%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2014/7 years Mitsukoshi Isetan SC #3805
This Chichibu Single Malt, released for Mitsukoshi Isetan, was distilled in 2014 and aged for 7 years in 3rd Fill Bourbon Barrel #3805

Content 700ml - volume 64%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Domaine La Romanée-Conti Richebourg 1992
The Richebourg is one of the best crus in Vosne-Romanée and lies on calcareous clayey soil. These are both powerful and charming wines: robust, well-structured and harmonious. They develop intense aromas, typical for fine Burgundies: ripe or candied red and dark fruits, musk, leather and humus. A lingering and fabulously rich aroma are what make this cru one of the world's greatest wines. Several decades of cellaring are often required for this wine to reach its best. The exceptional concentration of the Richebourg from the Domaine de la Romanée Conti is due to a perfect vinification and maturing. The meticulous care and attention given to these vineyards was such that they were among the last Burgundies that managed to resist phylloxera, until 1946.

Content 75cl - volume 13%
€ 2,995.00 2995.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 1988 Vintage
Ichiro's Malt 1988 Vintage Single Malt, distilled at Hanyu, bottled by Ichiro in 2005. This is one of 600 bottles.

Content 720ml - volume 56%
€ 7,995.00 7995.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2016/2024 Heavily Peated Cigar Label XI
Ichiro's Malt Heavily Peated Cigar Label XI, distilled in 2016, bottled in 2024 for Takashimaya.

Content 700ml - volume 63%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Asaka Yamazakura 20 years Mizunara Wood Finish
Yamazakura 20 years old Pure Malt, finished in Mizunara casks, bottled in 2017. This is one of 300 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 47%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2010/2015 Seibu 'Port Pipe'
Ichiro's Malt 2010 Chichibu Port Pipe, bottled in 2015 for Sogo & Seibu which are two Japanese department stores, formally known as Millennium Retailing. This is one of 400 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 60%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2024 Chichibu Whisky festival
Ichiro's Malt, Chichibu Distillery 2nd, bottled for the 2024 Chichibu Whisky Festival. This is one of 300 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 62%
€ 1,395.00 1395.0 EUR
Bruichladdich 35 years/1979 Cadenhead's
Bruichladdich 35 years old, distilled on Islay in 1979, aged in a Bourbon Hogshead, bottled in 2015 for Cadenhead's Authentic Collection. This is one of 132 bottles.

Content 70cl - volume 41.7%
€ 1,295.00 1295.0 EUR
Linkwood 32 years Kingsbury
Linkwood 32 years Finest and Rarest, distilled in 1973. Bottled by Kingsbury for Japan.

Content 700ml - volume 49.5%
€ 1,295.00 1295.0 EUR
St. Magdalena 1978/24 years OMC
St. Magdalena 1978, aged 24 years, bottled for Douglas Laing's Old Malt Cask December 2002. This is one of 504 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 50%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt President's Choice
Suntory President's Choice was selected and blended by Keizo Saji, born in Osaka in 1919 as the second son of Shinjiro Torii, founder of Kotobukiya. He became president of Kotobukiya in 1961, and officially renamed it to Suntory Limited in 1963, paying tribute to the success of Suntory Whisky a.k.a. Kakubin.

This one is quite rare as it contains Yamazaki Single Malt instead of a blended whisky.

Content 760ml - volume 43%
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR
Glenlivet 1968/45 years Alexander Murray
Glenlivet 1968, 45 years old, bottled by Alexander Murray in 2013.

Content 750ml - volume 40%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Chivas Brothers Royal Citation
Master blender Colin Scott has blended whiskies from 5 different types of casks, from Charred new oak to sherry butts, remade Bourbon hogshead, remade Scotch hogshead and ex-Bourbon barrels to make this unique blend of the Royal Citation. Released in 1993 for the Asian market.

Content 750ml - volume 43%
€ 199.95 199.95000000000002 EUR