Jazz Club 12 years old V.I.P. Bee Bop
Jazz Club Bourbon was released by KBD in the 1990's, bottled especially for the Japanese market.

Content 750ml - volume 50.5%
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR
Rare Perfection 25 years
Rare Perfection 25 years old Bourbon, distilled at Willett and bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, is the oldest expression of this range.

The Rare Perfection range is exclusive to the Japanese market, a brand owned by the US Palatella family.

Content 750ml - 43%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Kentucky Vintage 1974/25 years
Kentucky Vintage, distilled 06-12-1974 at Willett's, bottled 16-02-2000 for the Japanese market.

Content 750ml - volume 47%
€ 5,995.00 5995.0 EUR
Old Fitzgerald 12 years Very Special
Old Fitzgerald 12 years Very Special was first produced as part of United Distillers' Bourbon Heritage Collection in 1996. This is the Heaven Hill version, distilled at Bernheim after 1998.

Content 750ml - volume 45%
€ 799.95 799.95 EUR
Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 years
Wild Turkey 17 Year Master's Keep is a masterpiece carefully blended by Eddie Russell, who became the Master Distiller of Wild Turkey Distillery in 2015, together with his father Jimmy Russell. This is the first new product to be released after Eddie became Master Distiller, and it is characterized by its silky smoothness and subtle sweetness. Due to the extreme temperature differences in Kentucky, it is said that it is difficult to age wine for long periods of time while maintaining quality. Under such circumstances, this product uses only carefully selected unblended sake that has been aged for over 17 years.

Content 750ml - volume 43%
€ 799.95 799.95 EUR
Wild Turkey 17 years
Wild Turkey 17 years is a limited release of 5.000 decanters, bottled exclusive for the Japanese market in 2001.

Content 750ml - volume 50,5%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Woodford Reserve Master's Selection Select American Oak
Woodford Reserve Master's Selection Select American Oak, released in 2018.

Content 750ml - volume 45%
€ 399.95 399.95 EUR
Rare Perfection 12 years
Rare Perfection 21 years old Bourbon, bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers at Willett. 

The Rare Perfection range is exclusive to the Japanese market, a brand owned by the US Palatella family.

Content 750ml - 43%
€ 699.95 699.95 EUR
Maker's Mark Meidi-Ya 120th Anniversary
This is a rare commemorative bottling gifted to the Japanese import agent and Maker's Mark partner, supermarket chain Meidi-Ya (Meijiya), to celebrate their 120th anniversary since the company was founded in 1885 in the town of Yokohama.

Content 750ml - volume 45%
€ 399.95 399.95 EUR
Heaven Hill 15 years
This 15-year old Very Rare Old Heaven Hill Bourbon was bottled in bond in 1990.

Content 750ml - volume 50%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Fighting Cock 15 years
Fighting Cock 15 years, distilled 1992, bottled 2007 for the Japanese market.

Content 750ml - volume 51.5%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Very Olde St. Nick Rare 24 years
TVery Olde St. Nick Very Rare Ancient Barrel Strength, 24 years old.

Content 750ml - volume 40.6%
€ 2,995.00 2995.0 EUR
Booker Noe's Bourbon C00-A-20
Booker Noe's Bourbon C00-A-20, barreled January 20, 2000

Content 750ml - volume 63.50%
€ 599.95 599.95 EUR
Booker Noe's Bourbon B94-E-13
Booker Noe's Bourbon B94-E-13, barreled May 13th 1994, 7 years and 1 month old.

Content 750ml - volume 63%
€ 799.95 799.95 EUR
American Cowboy 25 years
American Cowboy Little Barrel is a boutique bourbon brand owned by Palatella family in California, whose other products include Very Olde St. Nick, Wattie Boone and the Rare Perfection bottles.

This is the oldest of the range, aged 25 years.

Content 75cl - volume 40%
€ 2,995.00 2995.0 EUR
Blanton's Red Takara
Blanton's Red Takara is bottled exclusively for the Japanese market, aged an additional two years.

Content 750ml - volume 46.5%
€ 199.95 199.95000000000002 EUR
Bourbon Royal 12 years
Bourbon Royal 8 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was distilled at the old Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown, before it tragically burned to the ground. Bottled in 1987 and exported to Japan that very same year.

Content 750ml - volume 50.5%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Wild Turkey Lore #2 'Winter Forest'
This is Wild Turkey's second contribution to the Lore series: 'The Wild Turkey of the Winter Forest'. Released in 1980, filled with 8-year old Bourbon, complete with box, weight 1780 grams.

Content 750ml - volume 50.5%
€ 499.95 499.95 EUR
Maker's Mark Secretariat
Maker's Mark Secretariat is a limited edition, released in honor of the 7th running of the Maker's Mark Mile, a Grade II Stakes Race at Keeneland, April 11, 2003.

Note: wax-seal has some cracks.

Content 1000ml - volume 45%
€ 649.95 649.95 EUR
Booker Noe's Bourbon C-E-15-84
Booker Noe's Bourbon C-E-15-84 is officially the 10th release of this ongoing range, bottled May 15th 1984, 6 years and 7 months old.

Content 750ml - volume 125.2 proof
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR