Rouyer Guillet V.O Fine Champagne 25 ans d'Age
Rouyer Guillet Fine Champagne Philippe Guillet 25 ans d'Age, bottled in the 1950's.

Content 70cl - volume 40%
€ 599.95 599.95 EUR
Croizet Réserve Particulière 1894
Croizet Réserve Particulière was first introduced in 1997, a beautiful decanter bottled with precious 1860 vintage Cognac, the favorite of B. Leon Croizet's father. After the 1860 stocks run out Croizet continued bottling with a 1894 vintage Cognac.

Content 70cl - volume 40%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Rouyer Guillet Vieille Grande Champagne 100 ans d'Age
Rouyer Guillet Vieille Grande Champagne Philippe Guillet is the oldest expression this ancient house ever launched, 19th century Cognac, most likely vintage 1865, aged one hundred years, bottled for Hong Kong in the 1960's

Content 70cl - volume 40%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Croizet Réserve des Héritiers
Croizet Réserve des Héritiers is a blend containing Grande (Fine) Champagne Cognac dating back to 1858.  Croizet Réserve des Héritiers was introduced November 21, 1892 and remained part of Criozets portfolio for some 100 years.

Content 70cl - volume 40%
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR
Philippe de Castaigne Très Vieux
Philippe de Castaigne Très Vieux is a Grande Champagne Cognac, a blend of Cognac distilled in 1893 which was bottled for Japan in the last quart of the 20th century.

Content 700ml - volume 40%
€ 799.95 799.95 EUR
Philippe de Castaigne Reserve Ancienne
Philippe de Castaigne Reserve Ancienne is a Cognac which was distilled in the 19th century, aged for 25 years and bottled in the 1980's.

Content 150cl - volume 40%
€ 499.95 499.95 EUR
Hennessy 1887 Vintage Brandy
This is a historical Hennessy, distilled in 1887 from what might very well have been the last grapes surviving the devastating phylloxera which destroyed almost all of the ancient grape plants in the second part of the 19th century. This Cognac was bottled in 1922 after a 35-year long period of maturation. Both cork and capsule are 100% original but, due to this, shipment of the bottle needs to be done with the utmost care. Upon request we offer re-corking of the bottle which will guarantee further preservation and allow save global shipment.
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR