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  • Abraham Perold Op die Berg 1996

    A wine of such outstanding quality that is comparable to the best in the world – a wine which should be able to take its place alongside the likes of Opus 1 from California, Grange Hermitage from Australia, Sassicaia from Italy and the First Growths from the Medoc. Named PEROLD, after Abraham Izak Perold, a pioneer of modern South African vit...


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  • Berry’s Brothers Louis XIV

    This ancient bottle contains ‘wine such as was served with pride at the Royal Court of Louis XIV’, selected, bottled for and released by Berry Bros & Rudd. Which wine exactly is unknown, the remainder of it’s label would suggest it is a Bordeaux.. The bottle is still originally sealed and it’s level is base neck. I...


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  • Chateau-Chalon 1993

    62cl / 13%

    Jean Bourdy is ranked in the top 5 of Vin Jaune producers from the French Jura region, a family which is in the wine business since 1475. Bourdy is certainly the most traditional producer with cellars containing bottles of which some are 100 years old.


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  • Commanderie St. John 1947

    75cl / 15%

    Commanderie St. John 1947 Solera is a sweet wine which is assembled according to the solera system; the oldest components of this wine dates from 1947. Bottled in the 1970’s by KEO which is by far the most sought-after producer of this type of wine. The solera system was only available for 1927 and 1947 versions.


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  • Il Pozzo Barbaresco 2013

    75cl / 13,5%

    Barbaresco is a small terroir, about 15km north from Barolo. Just 3 villages maintain about 2000 acres of vineyards, prefered by many above it’s famous neighbour. This is truly a excellent wine, an intense red colour, full bodied, well balanced, a complex bouquet with hints of red fruit.


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  • Louis Dubosquet 2005 Blanc de Blancs

    75cl / 12%

    Maison Dubosquet only produces vintage Champagne from the best years; besides this 2005 Blanc de Blanc vintage they released a 1996, 1999 and 2002 vintage in recent time. Each bottle is a replica of a 19th century style bottle, individually numbered, decorated with a gilded label and closed according to the 18th century method by means of a c...


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  • Louis Dubosquet 2005 Brut

    75cl / 12%

    Maison Dubosquet only produces vintage Champagne from the best years; besides this 2005 vintage they released a 1996, 1999 and 2002 vintage in recent time.


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  • Louis Dubosquet Rosé

    75cl / 12%

    Louis Dubosquet Rosé is the only non-vintage Champagne produced by Dubosquet.


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  • Madeira ‘T’ 1782


    This stunning 18th century Madeira, in excellent condition, is made entirely from the Terrantez grape. Terrantez is a traditionel Portuguese white grape variety that was once widely used on the island of Madeira to make the sweet fortified wine for which the island is known. After the phylloxera plague in the 1880’s the variety nearly extinct...


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  • Recchia Ca’ Bertoldi

    75cl / 16,5%

    In Jago, besides the Recchia winery, there is a precious little vineyard. Here the wine gets the name, character and quality of Amarone Ca’ Bertoldi. It has perfect harmony between strength full bodied flavour at the highest level. This wine is slowly matured in large oak barrels, then left to rest in elegant bottles for several years.<...


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  • Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine

    74cl / 12%

    Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine is still made to the same recipe by blending the finest quality raisins and pure ground ginger and is enjoyed in so many ways by millions of consumers each year. We estimate this bottle dates from the late 1960’s during which time it’s volume ABV was 12% whilst current versions are sold wit...


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