W.P. Squibb Rock Castle Mills Pure Rye



This flask is a 10cl replica of W.P. Squibb Rock Castle Mills Pure Rye, a brand trademarketed in 1906.

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William Squibb was born in 1931 near Aurora, Indiana, in Dearborn County  There he grew up, was educated, and registered for the Union Army in the Civil War, although no evidence exists that he served.  In Aurora he met his wife, Mary Frances Plummer.  Together they reared a family of ten children, four girls and six boys.  As a young man William worked in the grocery trade and the liquor business in Aurora, with brother George, opening a small distillery there about 1846.  Subsequently, the Squibbs moved down the road five miles to Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  There about 1869 they built a new distillery at Second Street near Main, the avenue shown below.  Calling it the W.B. Squibb Company, their plant could mash 300 bushels of grain a day.
The brothers’ business grew constantly from year to year as word about the quality of their whisky spread.  In 1885 the Squibbs built a continuous still and, as the need arose, additional warehouses, including several bonded structures under U.S. supervision.  Later a new distillery on the site of the old one was build.
Production continued until the coming of National Prohibition when their distillery production was forced to terminate.  Just before Prohibition ended in 1934,  Schenley bought the Lawrenceburg plan, renamed it Old Quaker Distilling and folded it into a conglomerate with other facilities in Frankfort, Kentucky, and Fresno, California.

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