Vrignaud Roseé des Charentes



Rosée des Charentes is a rare Cognac based liqueur made by Vrignaud; this bottle dates from the 1970’s.

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Henri-Aimé Vrignaud founded his company in 1812 as a liqueur merchant at Luçon. At that time his liqueur business was based mainly on producing and selling the most popular and well-liked spirits on the market. In 1860 Paul-Emile Vrignaud, the founder’s grandson, gave a new boost to the family business. Putting to good use his technical knowledge and his creativity, this artist of taste mixed new flavours together and invented some totally new recipes which brought about liqueurs with a unique taste. Very rapidly his inventions had resounding success and gained many awards, amongst which were many Gold Medals at the Universal Exhibition at Paris in 1889 & 1900.

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