Very Olde St. Nick Summer Rye

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Very Old St. Nick Summer Rye is extremely rare, bottled by The Kulsveens, owners of Willett and close friends of The Van Winkle’s for years. Cask Lot KB15.

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Very Olde St. Nick is a whiskey label that was bottled by Julian Van Winkle and Kentucky Bourbon Distillers exclusively for the Japanese export market back in the early 2000s. Back then, the Japanese market was much more interested in super-aged bourbons than the the American market, unlike present times.. These bourbons and ryes likely came from some of the same sources that went into the legendary Willett and Black Maple Hill bottlings from that era. The ryes are most likely to be from the old Bernheim or Medley distilleries; the bourbons could be from any number of sources.

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