Trois-Rivières 1997 Rhum Vieux Agricole

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Trois-Rivières 1997 Rhum Vieux Agricol is a excellent 11 year old rum from one of the most profound distilleries on Martinique.

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The rums of Martinique are considered among the best in the world, well-known and appreciated for their specific aromas and flavours due to their long and established method of production. They are so fine and aromatic that, since 1996, they have been awarded the prestigious French “appellation d’origine contrôlée”, a designation previously reserved only for France’s finest cheese and wines.

Trois Rivieres plantation, founded in 1785, in the far South of Martinique, benefits from an exceptional geographic location that gives the rums their character and rich flavour. Made by distilling pure, fresh, fermented cane juice, the sugar cane grows in clay soils that are rich in magnesium, whilst their roots bathe in sea water. This gives the rums their high sugar content and their remarkable, refined and diverse flavour profile.

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