Rosebank 1990/20 years Dun Bheagan

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Rosebank 1990, aged 20 years and bottled for Dun Bheagan in 2010. This was a limited release of 762 bottles.

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In 1817, James Robertson opened a distillery named Rosebank which remained open until 1819. In 1827 John Stark (of the brothers) opened Camelon distillery on the west bank of the canal which he ran this until his death in 1836. After this time the Camelon distillery was run by Thomas Gunn and his father. In 1840 the Gunn’s were approached by James Rankine to either buy or lease the Camelon distillery Maltings (on the east bank of the canal) where he set up a new distillery under the Rosebank name. The new Rosebank quickly grew, requiring expansion in 1845 and rebuilding in 1864. In 1861 Camelon Distillery went bankrupt which enabled Rankine to purchase it as well and demolish it, leaving only the maltings for the use of Rosebank. Rosebank Distillery Ltd was formed in 1894, in 1914 it was among the companies that amalgamated to form the Scottish Malt Distillers which later became part of DCL.

Rosebank was once considered one of the premier Lowland whiskies but United Distillers nevertheless mothballed the distillery in 1993. The reason given for the mothballing was that its effluent treatment would have required a £2m upgrade in order to comply with European standards of the time, this did not make it commercially viable.

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