Rémy Martin XO Cellar N°28

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Rémy Cointreau has introduced a travel retail exclusive range called the Rémy Martin Cellar Master’s Selection, which celebrates the aromatic diversity of the House’s 35 ageing cellars at the Domaine de Merpins in Cognac, France. Each cellar has its own characteristics that imbue the spirit with specific aromatic notes.

Rémy Martin ‘Reserve Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°28 is derived from an underground cellar which has always been the Cellar Masters’ ultimate reserve for the finest eaux-de-vie, housing the treasures with the greatest ageing potential. These eaux-de-vie benefit from the cellar’s almost constant humidity and temperature levels, which together provide perfect ageing conditions. Using mostly old casks is essential, as they confer silky notes of candied fruit to the eaux-de-vie to create a truly exceptional Cognac. Released in May 2015, discontinued some years later.

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Rémy Martin is one of the four biggest Cognac houses, founded in 1724 by French winemaker Rémy Martin. Until the 1920’s Rémy Martin played a modest role in the world of Cognac but this changed with the introduction of Rémy Martin VSOP in 1927. Cognac Rémy Martin contains only grapes from the two most appreaised terroirs: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.

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