Old Distiller 12 years



Old Distiller is a 12 year old Bourbon, produced by Fairfield distillery and bottled in the 1990’s.

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The Fairfield Distillery, founded in 1936, was a victim of overproduction in the 1950s. When the Korean War broke out, president Louis Rosenstiel was convinced that it would become another World War and beverage alcohol production would cease in order to produce high proof alcohol for the military. The result was that he ordered all of their distilleries to produce until their warehouses were full, and even built new warehouses at several distilleries, such as the Fairfield Distillery in 1951. The government never prohibited the production of beverage alcohol and Schenley had more aging whiskey than they could sell. They started closing down their smaller distilleries and by 1970 these distilleries were all closed and the property sold. In this case the property is now owned by Heaven Hill who uses the warehouses to age some of their whiskey.

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