Nathan Stone’s Selected Reserve (1990)



This very rare Nathan Stone Selected Reserve has been bottled for Japan in 1990. It’s one of just two versions which where ever created, the later being a Private Stock 105 Proof.

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Nathan Stone’s is not a distillery but a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky and the name of a Kentucky Assumed Name Corporation filed on October 10, 1990 by Julian van Winkle III and David M. Roth which, we believe, is a Kentucky based business lawyer. Nathan Stone was created exclusively for the Japanese domestic market.

Which makes it really interesting is the fact that Julian purchased, as his father did before him, juice from Stitzel-Weller until they stopped distilling early 1992.  In later years the stocks of Stitzel-Weller dried up at which point wheated whiskey from Buffalo Trace became the substitute of which was arguably the best Bourbon ever. In 1999 the brand Nathan Stone seized to exist.

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