Mitchell’s 12 years

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Mitchell’s is a blend containing whisky from Mitchell’s Glengyle distillery and a number of whiskies from undisclosed distilleries all over Scotland. Mitchell’s 12 years was launched shortly after the millennium and remained in production for a number of years.

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Stanley P. Morrison and James Howat formed Stanley P. Morrison Ltd. in 1951, and this company formed Morrison’s Bowmore Distillery, Ltd. in 1963 in order to take over the Bowmore Distillery. Stanley P. Morrison died in 1971, and control of the companies passed to Brian Morrison. The company name has changed slightly, and, following minor restructuring, the distillery is now owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd., which is ultimately owned by the Japanese distiller Suntory, following their takeover of Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. during 1994. Suntory had previously been a shareholder in Morrison Bowmore for several years.

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