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The production of Milford’s was seized in 1993. The New Zealand Malt Whisky Company was established to further age and bottle the very few remaining stocks of New Zealand single malt which where distilled in the years 1987-1993. This 10-year old Milford was distilled in the 1990’s and released as a limited edition.

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Milford was distilled in the South Island, at the famous Willowbank distillery, founded in 1974 by the Baker family, producing such popular whiskies as Wilsons and 45 South. The world’s largest distiller, Seagrams of Canada, bought Willowbank in the 1980s. The distillery thrived under Seagrams and its Single Malt, Lammerlaw (named after a nearby mountain range), was highly regarded. But in 1997, Seagrams sold Willowbank to Australian brewer Fosters, only for Fosters to mothball operations and send the stills to Fiji for making rum.

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