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Janneau XO Royal is a blend of  a blend of eaux-de-vie coming mainly from the area of Bas Armagnac and Tenareze using mostly the Baco and the Ugni Blanc grape varieties . Matured in French Oak for 12-25 years this is a subtile and charming Armagnac.

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Founded by Pierre Etienne Janneau in 1851 at Condom in Armagnac, four generations of the Janneau family have followed, passing down the secret of Grand Armagnac from father to son.

Maison Janneau is one of the main producers that carries out the distillation, ageing and bottling of its production fully in the region of origin, the AOC Armagnac.

Maison Janneau as of today is home of one of the most important production plant and storage facility of the Armagnac region and is a leading brand in the Armagnac sector producing exclusively Super Premium Quality Armagnac.

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