Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection N°1



Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection #1 Magnificence was initially launched in Asia Pacific travel retail on 1 June 2008, ahead of its release in the rest of the world, at a few selected duty free retailers such as Sky Connection at Hong Kong International Airport and Tasa Meng at Taipei International Airport. Presented in a numbered decanter encrusted with golden crystals, this  “more masculine” embossed gift box – in the plum colour which has been used since 2006 – has a shiny appearance and the name Hennessy XO written in gold lettering on its top.

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Hennessy was founded in 1765 by Irishman Richard Hennessy, Captain in the French Army. It took Hennessy just a few years to dominate the market and actually they have never lost their leading position since. Hennessy was the first producer which came with a Extra Old (XO) and they also invented the star-ranking system. In 1971 Hennessy merched with Moët et Chandon forming Moët-Hennessy. After their 1987 merger with Louis Vuton the newly formed company LVMH became one of the largest conglomerates in luxury products. One year later, in 1988, Bernard Arnault purchased a share of LVMH and eventually became the new owner of Hennessy, still world’s largest producer of Cognac.

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