Hampden 8 years/2000 Cadenhead’s Cask Strength



This 8-year old Jamaica rum was bonded at Hampden in 2000 and bottled cask strenght in 2008.

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Based in Trelawny Parish in the north west of Jamaica, Hampden Estate is one the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica, and is the only distillery in Jamaica that specializes exclusively in the making of heavy pot still rums. Renowned for these intensely flavorful pot still rums, it continues to be the archetypal heavy pot rum of choice throughout Europe. As early as 1753 it operated as a sugar plantation, and maintained the same production methods and techniques for the last two centuries, such as the use of its own spring water, prolonged fermentation time with wild yeasts, tropical ageing, no added colourants and sugar, and distillation exclusively in pot still

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