Gordon’s Sloe Gin Liqueur



Gordon’s Sloe Gin is a marvellous combination of the finest wild sloe berries, gently steeped, and blended with Gordon’s gin.

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Gordon’s is a brand of London dry gin first produced in 1769, developed by Alexander Gordon, a Londoner.He opened a distillery in the Southwark area in 1769, later moving in 1786 to Clerkenwell. The Special London Dry Gin he developed proved successful, and its recipe remains unchanged to this day. Its popularity with the Royal Navy saw bottles of the product distributed all over the world. Top markets for Gordon’s are (in descending order) the United Kingdom, the United States and Greece. It is owned by the British spirits company Diageo and is made in Scotland (although flavourings may be added elsewhere). It is the world’s best selling London Dry gin. Gordon’s has been the UK’s number one gin since the late 19th century.

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