Frapin Multimillésime Série N°7



A stunning trifecta of Cognac Vintage magic, the Frapin Multimillésime Serie N°7 Cognac is a combination of three vintages selected for their aromatic potential and characteristics that blend so wonderfully together: from the years 1989, 1991 and 1993.

Forming part of the “Trésors du Château” collection, this is a one of a kind example of alchemy. The Frapin Cellar Master, Patrice Piveteau calls this “A sensorial trio that continues the quest of excellence initiated in 2008…”

All three of the Vintages selected for this Frapin Serie No.7 are derived from a single estate in the highly esteemed Grande Champagne terroir, renowned for its finesse when it comes to producing eaux-de-vie.

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Frapin have come to embody the essence of excellent Cognac production. Their estate, which today emcompasses 240 hectares of vineyards, can be found in the Premier Cru, the Grande Champagne. They can trace their history all the way back to 1270, and have passed down years of savoir-faire to be where they are now. 21 generations later, and their hand-crafted single estate Cognacs are world-famous.

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