Delamain Reserve de la Famille



Aged for 50-55 years this is arguably one of the best Delamain’s on the market.

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The House of Delamain was founded in 1762 and is currently one of the oldest names in the Cognac trade. The Delamain family has been living in Jarnac for more then two centuries and has been responsible for the continued independence of the firm and the preservation of its traditional heritage and value.

Delamain is specialized in blending old Cognacs, which comes exclusively from the distilled wines of the Grande Champagne area, the first and best growth of the Cognac district. All Cognacs are aged in well-seasoned French oak cask of 350 litres. Delamain’s cellars are located on the banks of the Charente river and are used for the slow, carefull maturation of Cognac.

At the end of the aging process, the Cognac is at it’s natural strength which has to be reduced to the fully appreciated 40% volume. Unlike many other houses, Delamain reduces the strength of the Cognac with faibles (weak Cognac at 15% volume) instead of the usually used pure distilled water.

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