de Luze Réserve de la Maison



This is a very rare Cognac: De Luze Réserve de la  Maison, bottled for Adolfo Lorenzi. This is bottle #0579 from a total of 1110 bottles which where released somewhere in the 1970’s.  The Cognac itself came from a 19th Century tierçon, a rather large barrel containing up to 560 litres. So what do we have here: a pre-phylloxera Cognac Grande Champagne which has aged a substantial number of years (70-100) before it was eventually bottled.

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The story of Alfred de Luze is similar to that of Michel Boinaud, who later became the owner of the brand. Starting with nothing, Alfred de Luze was an adventurer. In his youth, he lived in Paris, Le Havre and New York before settling in Bordeaux and establishing a wine merchant business in the early 19th century. In 1822 he created his own company, bearing his name, Cognac De Luze.

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