Coleburn 1979/21 years Rare Malts Selection

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This 21 year old Coleburn became  the first ever semi-official distillery bottling from Coleburn, launched in 2000 for the Rare Malts Selection.

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Coleburn is yet another Speyside distillery that didn’t survive the 1980’s.

Located in Speyside between the Glen Elgin and Speyburn distilleries, Coleburn was founded in 1896 by John Robertson & Sons. The source of the name of the distillery was “charcoal burn” – because the area used to be a centre of charcoal production in the past.

The owners decided to close Coleburn in 1913 and sold it to the Clynelish Distillery Co. Ltd. in 1916. One year later the distillation license of Coleburn was transferred to J. & G. Stewart, a subsidiary of DCL (Distillers Company Limited). They made everything official in 1930 when DCL bought the Coleburn distillery altogether

The operation of the Coleburn distillery was transferred to Scottisch Malt Distillers (SMD) in 1930 as well, and this may very well have been the last noteworthy event in the history of Coleburn. Because SMD and DCL would later evolve into United Distillers and the current Diageo conglomerate it could be considered as a distillery in the Diageo stable. However, the distillery was closed by DCL in 1985 – one year before DCL became part of United Distillers.

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