Clacquesin Goudron Hygiénique



This bottle of Clacquesin was produced inbetween WWI & WWII, a period durig which Clacquesin was quite polular with annual sales exceeding 5.000.000 bottles. Although it does not show on the label we estimate the content to be 100cl. Neither mentioned is the % ABV which we believe is 27% or higher. Later versions where reduced to 22% whilst the current production has gone down to just 18%.

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Clacquesin is a French aperitif which was said to have first been made in 1860 by Paul Clacquesin, although on the label it is stated that this Masion was founded in 1775. Clacquesin is a blend from Norwegian pine buds and 29 aromatic botanicals, which are to this day kept a close secret. Awarded with a Golden Medal in Bruxelles (1897), Paris (1900) and London (1908) this Parisian aperitif was once available across the world but due to the outbreak of WWII and the death of Pauline Clacquesin in 1942 production was more or less seized. Paul Clacquesin himself passed away in 1911.

Recently this ancient brand was re-introduced by Charlotte Bataille Sauzey, a direct descendent from Paul Clacquesin so, after 75 years, the audience is allowed to enjoy Clacquesin oncemore.

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