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One of the first fruit liqueurs created at the family’s original distillery founded in 1827 in Neauphle-le-Château, near Versailles. Cherry Marnier is made exclusively from Morello cherries, a variety from Turkey known for its full flavour. The cherries are ground with their stones to lend body and aromatic richness before undergoing slow maceration and resting for one year in vats where the liqueur acquires its roundness and complexity.

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Back in 1827 Jean Baptiste Lapostolle, a distiller of fine fruit liqueurs, built what would become Grand Marnier’s first distillery in Neauphle-le-Château, a small city outside of Paris. In 1876, Julia, the granddaughter of Jean Baptiste Lapostolle, married Louis-Alexandre Marnier. La Maison Marnier Lapostolle commenced.

In 1880 Louis-Alexandre came with the idea to combine refined French cognac with a rare variety of bitter orange from Haiti in the Caribbean.When Louis-Alexandre created his recipe, he named it Curaçao Marnier but César Ritz suggested to change the name into ‘Grand Marnier’ and history was written.



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