Chateau-Chalon 1993



Jean Bourdy is ranked in the top 5 of Vin Jaune producers from the French Jura region, a family which is in the wine business since 1475. Bourdy is certainly the most traditional producer with cellars containing bottles of which some are 100 years old.

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Château-Chalon is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée for wines made in the Jura wine region of France, around the village of Château-Chalon. Only white wines from the Savagnin grape made in the vin jaune style can be made using this appellation. However, the Château-Chalon wines are not explicitly labeled as vin jaune. It is bottled in the traditional bottle called clavelin that is of a peculiar shape and with a capacity of 62 cl, which is, according to local legend, the amount left of a litre of wine after aging in cask for six years and three months – the legal minimum for Chateau Chalon. Once bottled, the wine is of great longevity, and can age for several decades.

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