Calvet 1908 Réserve Spéciale



Calvet is the discontinued brand name under which Cognac was sold by the French winetrader Calvet S.A.  This Calvet 1908 Réserve Spéciale was bottled sometime in the 1940’s which however does not show in the condition of this bottle which is pretty perfect.

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Calvet is a wine negociant from Bordeaux, founded in 1818 by Jean-Marie Calvet. Jean-Marie was born in 1799 in a small village near Tain l’Hemitage, in one of the most significant French wine area: the Rhône valley.

During his childhood, he gave very often a hand to his father, Pierre Calvet, in the family-owned vineyards. He confirmed his passion for wine at the age of 19 when he decided to set up the Calvet Company and travelled through France to learn from each wine area and to become an uncontested wine expert.

Calvet produced a line of Cognacs but production phased out after 1982 in which year Calvet became a subsidiary of the Whitbread Group which later became part of the Allied Domecq group.

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