Cadenhead’s 15 years Demerara Rum

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Cadenhead is probably the only Company in the world that holds extensive stocks of old matured-in-oak Demerara Rum. Cadenhead places particular emphasis on the individuality of each bottling and bottle only a single cask of Rum at one time.

Guyana is justly famous for its rich, heavy Demerara Rums, named for a local river. Demerara Rums can be aged for extended periods (25-year-old varieties are on the market) and are frequently used for blending with lighter Rums from other regions. Neighboring Surinam and French Guyana produce similar full-bodied Rums. This is a big, old fashioned style, without being especially dark – no colouring has been added. In Cadenhead’s own words, expect a rum that’s “… Creamy and dry at the front but opens to a sweet crisp fruity tone as the dram crosses the palate, Victoria sponge and fresh cream then a little honeycomb chocolate with peppery sweet spices. Finish quite rich, thicker than expected with some rather nice vanilla & spice.”

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The firm of William Cadenhead Ltd, Wine and Spirit Merchants, was founded in 1842 and is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler. The company was in the ownership of the same family until taken over by J & A Mitchell & Co.Ltd in 1972, the proprietors of Springbank distillery.

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