Blood Oath Pact No.1

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Released Spring 2015 this is a masterful union of well-bred bourbons. The first, a spicy bourbon with a mash bill favoring rye, barrel aged for a subtle woodiness. This, artfully braided with a smooth, but never soft, wheated bourbon of memorable curves. Finally, a more experienced, oaky bourbon with a rye-based mash. None overpowers the other, agreeing to co-exist in harmony.



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John Rempe is the creator of Blood Oath and has been developing and blending spirits and beverages for more than 20 years. Rempe, a Certified Food Scientist, received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Saint Louis University. He then spent some time developing carbonated soft drinks and fruit drinks and creating new beverages before moving on to Luxco.

Rempe brought his objective approach and discernible palate to Luxco more than 17 years ago and has since overseen the development and creation of a diverse portfolio of award-winning spirits and whiskeys, including Blood Oath, Pearl Vodka, and Rebel Yell, among many others.

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