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Besides Vodka The Sigurðsson produced some other liquors such as this premium dark Cuban rum.

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In 1906, in Siglunes in the North of Iceland, the ancestors of Valgeir T. Sigurðsson fished, raised livestock, and traded with passing boats. To stay warm on cold winter nights the family would drink the “Moonshine” they distilled which soon became a favorite of visiting sailors. The popular “Moonshine” would eventually after much refinement deliver the recipe for Black Death Vodka.

Valgeir T. Sigurðsson, a grandson of the original Sigurosson Distilling Family, relocated to Luxembourg in 1975 where he would eventually sell Black Death Vodka in his bar, The Cockpit Inn. In 1987 Black Death Vodka won its first Gold Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition of London. These days Valgeir T. Sigurðsson lives in Siglufjörður, Iceland in the same fjord where the Black Death Vodka tradition began. The home in which the “Moonshine” was first made still stands as gloriously as the day it was built over 100 years ago. The Sigurðsson Family are still in the hospitality and alcohol beverage production business. The rest, as they say, is history.

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