Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve



Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve Limited Edition is a smooth blend of the finest aged whiskies, specially selected by Ballantine’s Master Blender, for tastes and flavours that evoke the spirit of Christmas. Released in 2013.

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Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Distillery in Dumbarton is a distillery that produces a full range of the excellent Ballantine Whiskies. The blends that are produced are Ballantine’s 12 Years Old, Ballantine’s 12 Years Old, Ballantine’s 17 Years Old, Ballantine’s 21 Years Old and Ballantine’s Finest to name just a few.

The distillery is owned by the Chivas Brothers. The distillery is guarded by a quite unique security system by having more then 100 noisy geese which look after the warehouses with their precious content.

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