Bailie Nico Jarvie Very Old Reserve



BNJ was relaunched in 1994 by Glenmorangie plc (as Macdonald & Muir had been renamed). The composition of the blend was changed from the original recipe due to market forces. Single malts from the Highlands, Islay and Speyside are blended together with a grain whisky from Ayrshire.In comparison, many blended whiskies contain between 20-40 single malts. The minimum maturation time in a cask is eight years and the final BNJ whisky contains 60% single malt and 40% grain whisky. In 2014 Glenmorangie announced it would discontinue BNJ, citing high demand for their malt, all of which is now used for their single malt whiskies

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Bailie Nicol Jarvie (colloquially BNJ) is a brand of whisky which was blended by The Glenmorangie Company in Scotland and has now been discontinued. It was named after a character in Walter Scott’s novel Rob Roy.

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