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Absolut Electrik, containing Absolut Vodka Original, a 2015 limited release, was designed to evoke a feeling of energy capable of turning any night electric.

The two colors, with semi-transparent coating to create see-through reflections, represent Absolut’s signature cobalt blue and the electrical conductivity of silver.

When combined, the colours reflect an Electrik aesthetic reminiscent of those flashing lights and seductive beats at a dance floor during peak time.

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You’ll have seen his face on every bottle of Absolut Vodka. Affectionately nicknamed the “King of Spirits”, Lars Ohlsson (L.O.) Smith was an invincible entrepreneur, changemaker, father, politician– and our pioneer.

Born in 1836, L.O.’s fascinating life truly embodied our mission: Passion for Progression. Multiple books have since been written about the man who invented the very product that would later become Absolut Vodka.

At 10 years of age, L.O. got his first job with a local trader in the small Swedish town of Karlshamn. Noticing a concerning lack of turnover, he executed a makeshift PR-campaign around the local boat harbor. By the time he was 11, sales had multiplied and his salary was higher than the average adult. It’s no surprise that by 23, L.O. was a multi-millionaire.

He went on to found the company that would later become the most important Swedish food and drink export company in Sweden: The Absolut Company.

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